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I am putting several lines of text in a popup.
Is there any way to make it autosize to allow everything to be displayed.
There is no scroll bar concept.

Also, is there a way to have CRLFs show.

And another, is there a way to close the popup by clicking on it, to avoid having to wait for the delay.
I have used the button on click, but that means the user sees the button effect and has to click on the text.


  • Colin,

    The SRP Popup is under your control. It will not automate anything. This was a design decision we made early on to provide maximum flexibility without worrying about over-engineering the control. So...
    • No autosize and no scrollbar. You'll have to use the Size property ahead of time.
    • It supports word wrapping but not line breaks (as I recall). Our wrapper generates multiple Items as needed to accommodate line break support. We analyze our Item requirements first and then set the Size property accordingly.

    You can create a button to occupy the entire size of the SRP Popup. Just leave the background color as transparent. This effectively makes the entire SRP Popup a clickable window.
  • Colin,

    As Don said, maximum flexibility because it is under your control.
    For the close concept, I build the popup size to suit the message, again as Don recommends, but then I insert a button with a close icon in the top rh corner. So once I know the number of items required for the message, it is just one more item.

    When the promoted ole event receives a click on a popup it basically checks if it is a button and item 1 and if so, close the popup. That way you don't have to worry about the content of the popup, just know that the user wants it closed.
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