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SRP Editor v3.0.2 anomalies

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Win10, SRP Editor v3.0.2, OI v9.4.x, HP Omen i7, 16gb dram, 8 cores. I downloaded and upgraded from Editor v2.91 to v3.0.2 last week, since them a few anomalies have started occurring. Besides the bookmarks appearing in odd places (and they still do), if I go into the Editor the first time, navigated via the PB in the Application Manager side tools (buttons) in OI, it displays the editor, if I do a cntr-r to open a record, it displays the SRP Editor's Help About dialogbox with all my controls in "eval". I did rerun the registration of all SRP *.ocx controls that I knew of in the OI root directory, but is there something else I am unaware of? Do I need to rerun registration of the *.ocx controls again? Are there different versions of *.ocx controls? Where can I download all *.ocx controls for SRP? I keep having anomalies popup on occasion. Thx, Regards


  • There was an anomaly with the release of 3.0.2 where a reference to the wrong control snuck in. If you redownload the SRP Editor 3.0.2 installer from our products site and reinstall, that problem should go away.

    I'll investigate the bookmarks issue.
  • Also, you don't need to attach a PDF to these forum posts. You can copy/paste images directly into the message. I think you will find that much simpler to than having to create a PDF document.
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    With SnagIt, screenshots are very easy no matter the format, it can save as .jpg/.bmp/.pdf/.cur/.ico/.tif/.swf/.mht/etc, it just defaulted to .pdf as that is what I had saved last. Do you not what .pdf format sent?
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    @kdiv use the 'Copy All' menu item then just 'paste' where you need.

    (image removed per owner's request)
  • Do you not what .pdf format sent?

    Use whatever format you prefer. I was just trying to offer some helpful tips. We use, and love, SnagIt as well. I forgot that it outputs to PDF so perhaps this isn't as useful to you as I had assumed. If, on the other hand, you were pasting into Word and then saving as PDF, then I definitely think my suggestion would have more value.

    That said, SnagIt has a nifty "Copy to Clipboard" setting that means I don't even have to use the "Copy All" menu from the SnagIt editor. My image is already in the clipboard and I can just paste into my destination without any delays.
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    Appreciate the help, I presumed most developers know of SnagIt, its a very handy tool. I have been using it since the early 90's, so its fairly ingrained as a tool I use when developing, just like SRP's Editor. SnagIt is my default/"go-to" for screen-capture. I don't even use snippet, as most other screen-capture tools I have tried do not have the flexibility and options that I have with SnagIt. I did re-install SRP editor v3.0.2, reran "regsvr32" and already have noticed some of the anomalies no longer present, so hoping that fixed the issues. Thx,
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