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How can i tell if a particular OI user is connected to OI

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Is there a way for me to check if a particular user is connected to OI? Does OI keep track of this info and allow me to look at it?

We need this because OI's lock management console doesn't work, so we need to record in an MFS whenever a person locks and unlocks a record. BUT if a user's computer crashes while they have locks, their locks won't get unrecorded, thus when reporting who has the lock, we need to consider if the user is online (and if the user if offline, we can remove the record recording the fact that they have the lock).

Btw, the key to this table will be table*key*user_id, which means that the following scenario cannot happen:

a gets lock on record c
a’s lock is recorded by this program
a unlocks record c
b gets lock on record c
b’s lock is recorded by this program
a’s unlock is recorded by this program (a cannot overwrite b as, a and b have a different key)


  • In answer to your specific question, take a look at the SYSLOGINS table. This is maintained by OI whenever any user logs in. It has a 3 or 4-part Key ID (the 4th part is the Process ID if you enable this setting). The first three parts are AppID * UserID * StationID.
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