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UTF-8 settings checklist

Is it possible to generate a checklist of what settings we need to fill in in what area to get UTF-8 working with SRP Framework?

One the 'client' side you have the OECGI settings. I reviewed the oecgi4.php script, and found several settings that seem to have something to do with utf8: UTF8Mode, ServerPortUTF8, and the login message that is being sent to the OEngine has an extra 1 at the end of the login message.

On the other hand there are setttings for the OEngine that is receiving the socket connections from the OECGI connector. This would be the settings that HTTP_MCP can use to determine it should run in UTF-8 mode I suppose. In HTTP_MCP we see a SetUTF8 function being declared, but it's not used there.

So basically we would like to know what setttings we need so we can try them.



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