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Application Inheritance

I have been in the habit of creating separate copies of an application when they are to be modified for diffent clients.

I am trying to convert myself to what I understand is the proper way taking advantage of application Inheritance(well, what I believe anyway)

I assume:

create master application BSBS
create application FM Inherited from BSBS
open application FM then open Form ABC that is inherited from BSBS
You get changes cant be made warning
SaveAs the form using same name (overwrite-Yes)
Change event and update.
Save the form and I get message ‘ inherited entity cant be modified’ which is the event I just changed
But, if I run the form, the change is there.
If I open BSBS and the same form the change is not there.
So, why the message in FM>

What is the correct procedure for making changes to a form from one application to another.

Sorry if this is not worded correctly, but I hope you get what I am trying to do.
BTW: did the same thing in OI10 and same message.


  • Your understanding of application inheritance is correct. Unfortunately, the Form Designer doesn't make it easy to bring script event handlers from the parent app into the child app. We rarely see this because we don't use script event handlers.

    Other than manually copying over the script event handlers (which is a major chore), I suggest you run the SYSCOPYAPPS form from the parent app and select all of the events you want to copy into your child app. That will take care of this relatively easily.
  • Awesome, works a treat.
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