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parse_xml -- what is this?

edited September 2019 in OpenInsight
One of our programs calls this function, and the function never returns. I have no idea what this function is or does, as I can't see the source code. I can't find this documented anywhere. Is it an revelation function? Given that there is no documentation, how doe the SRP editor know what parameters it takes? Where are you getting this info from?


  • The SRP Editor knows how to interrogate object code in the SYSOBJ table and identify the arguments. This particular routine does appear to be a Revelation supplied SSP. The latest compile date is 2007. I suspect is a part of the library that supports their XML Workspace utility.
  • hmm this is unfortunate, as a core part of the business doesn't work anymore lol. oh well.
  • it looks pretty, but not sure what this means:
  • is it possible to turn this back to source code?
  • There are reverse engineering tools out there but it is against your license agreement to use them.

    Perhaps the SRP_Extract_XML function will help?
  • actually, while this function doesn't work, i don't think that's the issue. This function is in part of the code that has probably never been reached before and it's therefore never been tested. I think i will just try to find out why the code is even getting to the part where it calls parse_xml.
  • @donbakke

    Yes, i am guessing your function doesn't just get stuck in an infinite loop. Much better than the revelation parse_xml thing. We should probably change to yours.
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