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SFTP client in OI

Does Open Insight have an SFTP client in it? How can I do this from OI?


  • OpenInsight does not have a native SFTP client. You will have to integrate one with OpenInsight. We've done this with WinSCP and PSFTP. The SRP Run Command utility works well for this.
  • thanks I will have a look
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    I think we will add sftp api to our .net library which we call from oi. Having to install putty or winscp on every computer seems brittle. Our library is alraedy installed on every computer, and we can easily upgrade it.
  • If you can make that work then that should be a perfect enhancement for you. FWIW, we typically don't require our FTP clients to be installed on each computer. Most of the time we have a dedicated server that handles scheduled or on-demand tasks. So we really only need that machine to have an FTP client. However, even in cases where multiple machines need to use FTP directly, we run the command line FTP from a binary stored on a network share.
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    oh ok then, so i could just put the program in the OI directory. that would be easier actually.

    I will look at that,
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