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Error Message when just trying to save a program

Setup is
Connecting via VPN
Working through Citrix Farm system
Desktop through Citrix
Launch OI and SRP Editor
Not all keys are functional and when I do any changes and do a File/Save I get an error that SRP Editor could not save the record, then when exiting SRP editor, it asks me if I want to save changes. Regardless of what I click it exits without an error code.
I have attached a PDF file showing what it does as well as the System Monitor events.


  • Sorry, forgot to mention the version is 3.03 RC1
    but as far as I understand that it has happened for a while as one of the other
    programmers stated that this is nothing new...
  • @igshaffer, there's no attachment with your original post
  • @AusMarkB that's okay. This was emailed to me directly and it contains snippets of code which might not be permissible to share openly. We'll start looking at this and share our conclusions here in case others run into the same problem.
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