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SRP_Clean_Array() v2.0.6.1 truncates in UTF8 mode

It appears that data gets truncated when trying to clean an array that contains multi-byte characters in UTF8 mode. This is with 32bit SRPutilities v2.0.6.1 in OI 9.4.4. (Not sure how I got this RC version - with SRP Editor maybe?)

Eg . with the multi-byte character '×':
srp_clean_array( '×123456789', @vm) returns '×12345678' (no '9')
srp_clean_array( '123456789×', @vm) returns '123456789Ã' (truncated multi-byte character)

No problem with version 1.6, or in ANSI mode. Haven't tried 2.0.5

Cheers, M@


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