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Table not showing

On a UAT system at a client the Edit table on the main screen is blank, no headings, columns etc.
Our copy to the clipboard option shows that data exists.
I am thinking something environmental, however another version of the database is OK with the same application.
Maybe something in my views, but copying the data back to my PC does not give this behaviour.

I am not putting any blame on the SRP control, but just wondering if there is any logical reason for this, or what I might look for.



  • Is the form or the application in general using other SRP ActiveX controls? If so, are they blank as well? This seems as if the control isn't registered on that machine. If that were the case, then all SRP controls would appear blank.

    What does your "copy to the clipboard" option do?
  • I have obtained a copy of the database from the user, found the cause and resolved.
    The view was stuffed up, causing all the columns to have blank headings an zero width.
    100% my side, no SRP issues at all.
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