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ole error code

in OI, do you convert the ole status error returned (e.g. -2147012867) to a useful web searchable ole error code


  • This question is somewhat difficult to decipher. Are you asking if we convert it? Do you mean SRP_Com? Or are you asking how to convert it? What are you asking it to be convert to? A hex number or a more readable error?

    To convert the error to hex, you simply do an OConv:

    OConv(-2147012867, "MX")
  • Sorry, should have thought you guys deal in OLEs.
    You answered my question, but was referring to the use in this example:

    rv = OLECallMethod(Object, "Send", Payload) Status = OleStatus() If Status then
  • I think I had answered a similar question on the Revelation forum and referenced the Sprezz blog post from several years ago that discusses this. It's the same response: convert to hex and search that way. I like to use the Windows Calculator app:

    Then plug this into a search:

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