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What is MAPI

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I need to get emails from the local exchange server running inside of our business' network. At first I tried the getmail function, but that doesn't work as it gets all the mail, which causes OI to crash.

Then I found out about RTI_GETMAIL, but this doesn't work because our exchange server has turned IMAP off. And the admin refuses to turn it on.

So I am left with MAPI and POP, but I can't use POP because it doesn't allow search.

So what is MAPI? I don't really understand the Wikipedia article. Is it a proprietary email protocol that exchange implements? Ok, so how can I interact with it from OI. The suite of MAPI functions don't make any sense to me. If someone could show me how to use it to connect to the exchange server under a particular account, that would be cool.




  • MAPI stands for Messaging Application Programming Interface. Since you reviewed the Wiki article I will assume you have also reviewed the link it provided.

    I think what you need to know is that MAPI is not supported in newer versions of Microsoft Exchange. There are other solutions but these aren't built into OpenInsight. You would have to implement them yourself.
  • oh ok thanks. Not really sure how I will do this then. I can see that exchange as a web api, but i can't find any docs on how to use it.
  • I seem to recall you have a library of internally developed .NET services. I would imagine someone on that team would be able to figure this out. We've had to develop similar solutions for other OI developers.
  • Yeah, but i bet you the email server didn't have imap disabled lol.
  • I think you missed my point. I'm not saying we've developed this solution before. Rather, we've had OI developers come to us any number of integration problems because of the expertise our company has in various technologies. We've generally been able to solve any problem with R&D and one of the integration technologies that OI supports. I have to imagine there is a way your team can work out a solution that doesn't require IMAP to be enabled.
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    yeah, we could use POP i guess, but it just means that we will have to implement the searching in OI rather than the email server doing it...

    Also, in my installation of oi, the .net dll that RTI_GETMAIL calls was in the wrong location on my computer. I had to manually put in somewhere else. It's going to be a maintenance nightmare if this is the case for all of the clients.
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