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I think this might be an OI issue I created, I copied an existing OI directory to a different workstation, OI already installed, created a new application/account, copied some data tables from another volume, got everything setup, or so I thought. I use SRP editor, but this occurs in System Editor++ as well. I compiled an SSP, I get the attached error -- Open Error! "SYSPROCS_VERSION_CONTROL" table. I do not get the error if I compile an INSERT/INCLUDE item. I presume I need to reattach a table or two, maybe in SYSPROG, not sure, as I cannot find this table anywhere. Does anyone know how to fix this error? I have been unable to access OIWORKS forums for about 3 - 4 weeks, so cannot lookup anything in forums. TIA


  • That table is a part of an older attempt by Revelation to implement version control. As you probably know, they abandoned it. However, for some reason your system is expecting it to be enabled. Can you open your Environment Settings window and make sure the Enable Source Code Management checkbox is unticked?

  • yes, you were correct, that checkbox was ticked, I unticked the checkbox and its fine, thank you.
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