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Unusual Behaviourq

I have a panel control with a form inside it, which has tab folders.
With the main screen resized so that the vertical scroll bar in the panel kicks in, when the tab is clicked, the panel scrolls vertically so that the control that has focus (in this case the tab) is scrolled to the top. You can scroll back up again to see it.
In the case below there are two other controls above the tab folder which are not then visible.

Any ideas?


  • I don't think it's anything my control is doing. The panel control doesn't listen to events that happen on the form. I'd start looking at the code that is executing during the tab change. I presume it's a multi-page form. Changing a page in OI is equivalent to "scrolling the form to the next page," so it's possible OI thinks the panel control needs to be scrolled. This is the caveat of making OI forms children of the panel control.
  • Fair comment, I will look at what I can do. I might just turn off the scroll facility.
    Cant see any vscroll property on the Panel which would allow me to put it back to the top on tab change.

    Funny thing also, another tab on the same screen scrolls even further as focus is put to a control other than the tab.

    Just an annoyance really, I will see what I can do my side.
  • That actually confirms my theory. The third tab tells the OI to "scroll" the parent form 2 pages instead of 1. I'll look into a VSCROLL property as a possible workaround.
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