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SRPControls64.ocx Server 2016 setup issue

Hi all,

Having an issue on a new server we just setup. I thought I had the issue before and knew the solution.
I am working with OI10 on a 2016 64 bit server. We installed the 32 bit SRPControls and realized the mistake when our system had issues launching and installed the 64bit ones instead. The system started running but I am having a problem when in form designer modifying any form that has an SRP control on it such as a Panel.

When I right click on the form I am presented with an error with the title SRPControls64 with no message.
When we had this before it was because the 32bit version was installed. Did we cause an issue on the server somehow when we installed the wrong controls first and register before the correct controls? I've attached a picture of the error.


  • I can't seem to recreate this on my end, but if you suspect the 32-bit ocx is conflicting, you can always unregister it using:

    "regvsr32 -u srpcontrols.ocx"
  • Unregistered both the 32 and 64 bit versions and re-registered just the 64 to make sure. Same issue I'm afraid.
  • Perhaps you can email me a copy of the form's source? Perhaps it's a particular combination of controls.
  • Kevin, I sent you a message with an RDK of one of the screens. Someone else here has been looking at this too and we did track down some more information. It turns out in testing every SRP control, the only one we have issues with is the Panel control. As soon as a Panel control is on the screen we run into the issue.

    We tested with an existing screen and a brand new one. We found that sometimes we had to save the screen and bring it back up, but always if we put a panel on the form, we ran into the problem with right click not working. Also cannot review events for the panel. We did make a screen where we added every other srp control to it and didn't have the issue. I hope this helps narrow down our issue.
  • I tried to recreate this using the OI 10.0.7 and SRPControls64 4.1.3. I simply cannot get this error to occur with your RDK or any form I create. There seems to be some ingredient I am missing in my environment.
  • ah ha! We're using 4.1.1, 4.1.2 had a fix specifically for this problem, so if we update to 4.1.3 we should get rid of the problem! thank you!
  • lol. I really should read my own version history.
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