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OI suggestion RDK tool

Since their forums are down, I will just post this here.

Could you please consider changing the RDK tool so that it warns you if there are debug statements in any of your programs. This happens to me every now and then, and it's really annoying.

Or maybe it can already do this, and I am not taking advantaged of this feature?


  • Just to be clear, you are referring to the RDK tool that you run from within OpenInsight versus the "Add to Repository" feature of the SRP Editor?
  • Yeah, I am talking about the OI one.
  • I just wanted to be clear because you started the suggestion as "Could you please consider..." but it was unclear to whom you were addressing. I don't think anybody on Revelation's staff monitors our forum. I could be wrong...but they have never posted here or made any acknowledgement that our forum exists.

    This feature does not already exist but I think it is actually a very good idea. If and when the Revelation sites come back online you ought to post it in their suggestion box. Keep in mind, though, that any changes that they make will most certainly only be for OI 10.
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