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Tree item hanging around

When the space for an item is insufficient, the text displays past the control.
You then switch to another application, and this line hangs about in front of the other screen.
Is there anyway to turn this off or make it go away when the form loses focus.



  • You asking if you can disabled tooltips? The answer is yes, using the TooltipsEnabled property.
  • Thanks, I will do that.
    If you could also check out the issue for a future release, that would be good.
  • I've made a note to see if I can fix this. This issue is trying to get the child control of a form to be notified when the parent changes Z order.
  • How are you changing apps? I know I've seen this happen, but it must be a unique set of circumstances because I can't recreate it at will.
  • I think it depends on how you move around the screen.
    I just tested again and found it harder to replicate, but for weeks now it happens all the time.
    It seems to happen most when using the mouse to move vertically over the tree to go elsewhere, eg up to the title bar to move the form, or down to the task bar. It seems that when a long line is passed over it shows, then does not have time to clear.
    Try moving the mouse at medium speed vertically out of the control, and you might get the first branch that exceeds the width remaining as the tooltip.

  • I've also seen this consistently and can recreate it, though not necessarily on demand. I think you may need to have an item selected first and then the tooltip highlighting another item
    but you don't need to change apps to identify when it will happen. As Colin points out, when you move the cursor outside of the control and the tooltip remains, it will also remain when you switch apps. Note here, the cursor is off the screen yet the orange is still on display. That's there permanently until I re-enter the screen and the control rights itself.
  • Try 4.1.4 RC5 and let me know if it's better.
  • First check seems OK, will put it to work and advise if any issues.
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