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is it possible to change background color of a read-only edit box?

Currently, the default background color of a read-only edit box is grey, and it overwrites any other colors if I use set_property() to set background color to sth else, for example, white color. So is it possible to change background color of a read-only edit box?


  • Is this truly read-only or is it disabled?
  • @DonBakke it is truly read-only
  • Thanks for the clarification. I don't think you can override this. It's a style controlled by the Windows theme. If it was soft-disabled you could control this.
  • What's soft disabled?

  • Soft means leaving that box unchecked. It also means you have control over the theme. Hard means you are letting Windows decide for you.
  • Note, however, that disabled means the user can't interact with the control, which means they won't be able to highlight text for copy/paste purposes.
  • edited October 2019
    ok, so then it's still not going to work. anyway, we have just deiced to embed an ie browser into the form and put the text we want to display in read only mode in that browser. We create the html file dynaimcally and save it to the user's local drive. So basically we have an OI control on steroids (browser can do anything)
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