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Multi-application users

My client has an application that is basically 3 apps in one. When a new user access, they would like to be able to create the same username in all 3 apps at once. I know the routine Create_User can create a user in the current application. Is there a way to create the same user (no password) across all 3 apps programagically? I've thought about trying to copy Sysenv records to the other apps, but I know there are other issues with encryption and such.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



  • Technically speaking users are tied to the database, not the application. So the question is: are all three apps using the same database or different databases?

    If the latter, you can't copy the user row for the reasons you guessed at. You could spin up a remote engine that logs into the relevant database and then issue a call to a stored procedure that takes input parameters to do this for you.
  • So if the apps are all using the same database, is there a way to pull this off?
  • If they were all the same database then creating one user would be all you need, right?
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