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Web Oengine returning "1Login failed-1003"

I have a problem getting a Login failed- 1003 message when i try to login to my website.
The curious thing is I have two sites running on the same server, same copy of OI, two applications.
Using OECGI3.
The two sites are configured identically (I think) and one works fine and one returns the login error. I can open OI to each application locally OK.

The sites are set up on a local network with hosts file redirecting thedce.com and happyhome.org to the local (You may remember, I use Apache)

(The public sites work fine - thedce.com and happyhome.org to

I use the local network for setup and testing and I recently had an SSD failure on the production machine so the backup/testing machine was moved to the public network.

I am now rebuilding the production machine (with a new SSD) and this is the last piece.
The only known difference in the running public/production site and the new site I'm building is the new one uses drive D: instead of C: for Apache and RevSoft and assiciated data.
I'm running these on WHS 2011 (same as windows server 2008 R2)
Attached are some crummy screen shots of my registry settings.
Any idea what's wrong?
Have fun,
Paxton Scott


  • Problem Solved....But I do not understand why.
    I added some string values to the OECGI key. Image attached But why did the ARCS site work and the DCE site not work when the OECGI key was empty?

    Oh well.

  • I agree, adding more Registry keys doesn't make sense as a "fix". Are you sure this wasn't some coincidental situation? How much isolation testing did you do to be 100% certain this was a site specific issue? My first guess is that you ran out of engines and then you got the login error.

    Do you ever run the OEngineServer from a command prompt (console mode) so you can see what it tells you? It is also possible your engines are trying to attach volumes that don't exist so the connection is failing or timing out. Running from a command prompt would show this.
  • Don,
    Thanks for your response.
    Plenty of engines, but I have noticed that sometimes they seem to fail to timeout and become unavailable when they are 'idle'. I think that error is 1333 though.
    I do want to learn how to use the console mode and command prompt. I have a tendency when it works to just go on and not investigate thoroughly.
    Could you point me to documentation on starting OengineServer from command prompt if it is easy. This is now 'hobby work' for me.

    Have fun,
  • The official documentation begins on page 4 of the 103-966 OpenInsight OEngineServer Configuration.pdf help guide which should appear in your Documents folder.

    We also provide similar documentation in our Testing for Success page.
  • Thanks, Don.
    I found it.
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