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How to draw attention to focused item when tree control does not have focus

Hi, in the app, the user selects a node from the tree, which updates a panel on the right, which the user then switches their attention(focus) to. The problem is that, as soon as the user loses focus on the tree, the node that is selected in it loses its blue colour, which causes them to not be able to see where in the tree they are. Is it possible to make the colour of the node be blue when I lose focus? I have tried setting the colour, and nothing happens:


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    Code is always helpful to see in these situations. You are setting field <4> of the Colors property?
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    Hi, no I was not. Your suggestion works.

    Thanks so much. The users will be much happier now (:

    I was aware of this property, but I didn't try it because I thought that it didn't apply to my case. I thought that the item was focused but had no selection. But in reality, it's the other way round: selected without focus.
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