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Drag and Drop

I find the ability to drag and drop external files into a picture control a highly valuable feature that can be used in a wide variety of instances, not just for images but as a general catch all for any type of document you might want to link into a database.
It makes it easy to link employee photos, attach scanned documents such as qualifications and licences or any other document such as word docs and pdfs that might be relevant to the other data displayed in the window. :-D

So, now that I can do all these things, I want more. :-P

The scenario that doesn't quite work is where the internet is my source. There are instances where the users want to link images to a record but they don't have copies of the images themselves. This might be stock items, customer logos or some other thing that they wouldn't ordinarily have their own copy of but can easily find on the internet. In this case, it would be nicer to be able to drag the image straight out of the browser into the control.

Yes, I can tell the user to drag from the browser to their desktop and then from their desktop to the control.
Yes, this can still save them time instead of using a combobox and browsing for the image so it is better than the alternative.

It is still a little disjointed however and an extra step that to an end user seems unnecessary. "If I can drag it to my desktop, then why can't I drag it here?"

So, is there any chance that this will become possible in a future release? And whilst you're contemplating this, how about from other sources as well such as dragging an attachment straight from my email? Eg: An employee has emailed me a copy of their renewed drivers licence. I'd like to drag that attachment straight into their file rather than placing it on my desktop or somewhere else and then dragging it in.

I expect its more difficult than it sounds but you guys are clever...


  • This is a really good idea. I've added it our request features list. I know the drag-n-drop data format for browser images is documented, so all I need to do is teach the picture control to look for it.
  • Love your work Kevin
  • Mmm, didn't realise you could do that!...tick...tick...tick.
  • kevin - me here.

    How's the picture controls education coming along?
    else, do you have a reasonable workaround?

  • Sorry for the silence. I haven't had a chance to implement this feature yet, but I do appreciate you guys checking in to keep it from falling off the radar. I'll see if I can find a few cycles here soon to get some headway on it.
  • Just checking in.

    Any traction?
  • Mark, I'm not sure if Kevin has attempted to jump on this subsequent to your "checking in" but I can report that there has been no traction yet. We almost had a project that would have provided us funding to develop a similar feature (i.e., dragging and dropping an attachment from Outlook) but it did not materialize. Perhaps some sources are easier to implement than others but every drag-n-drop implementation requires custom coding to support the source. It's similar to how advanced copy/paste works.
  • edited February 2016
    Attempting to use the drag drop goodness, are there any tips/sample on getting it to work?

    So far i've got a control on a form, catching the Ole Events, but cant drop on it.

    What do i need to set/change?

    (FYI: the wiki is a good reference but I find this issue with most of the controls as there is no "example" per-se)
  • To add to that i cant even get it to show an image issuing OLE.Image??
  • Aaron,

    My first guess is that you aren't qualifying the OnFileDrop event. Also, just to confirm, you are only trying to drop an OS file, correct? There is no support - as of yet - for other types of drag-and-drop operations (which was the purpose of this very thread...so I'm guessing you already knew that).

    As far as "examples" are concerned, no argument there. I wish I had more examples for myself. :) I can't promise how fast this will occur, but we do intend to augment our documentation this way. We put in a huge effort to convert our content from the old wiki to the new wiki, and then add the discussion forum and product sites. So, we need to catch our breath and keep the ship afloat while we also make sure that new documentation gets added when necessary.
  • Aaron,
    To add to that i cant even get it to show an image issuing OLE.Image??
    Are you sure you have the correct ProgID being used (SRP.Picture.1)? If you are using OI 9.x, do you see any properties for the SRP Picture control in the Properties dialog box?
  • HA that would explain it...

    Might i suggest updating the Wiki with the correct ProgID...

  • Hi Aaron,

    Have you done this in your create event?

    // Always show what the user dropped Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_PICTURE", "OLE.AutoLoadDropFile", 1)

    It's not necessary and may not be what you ultimately want but I often use it to test that I've got things right.
    What it does is automatically display the image that you've dropped on the control.

    It is a bit of a concern though, that you can't display the image using ole.image.
    What's the layout property set to and how big is the image?
  • all good, it was the wrong ProgID, i was copying off the Wiki it had SRP.Panel.1 :P
  • I thought by this
    So far i've got a control on a form, catching the Ole Events, but cant drop on it.
    that you already had the correct progid and other events were working?
  • yeah, all the panel events were working, i could get the version, mouse in out etc, but not the picture ones, which are now working great :D
  • Aaron,

    Yep, that was it. See, this confirms we are overworked and underpaid! We were so tired we let that one slip by. I got this updated. Thanks for pointing that out.
  • Right.

    Yeah, no the panel doesn't do drag/drop.
    I'll stop my overthinking here.
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