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Screen resize

I have a form with the ribbon bar, tables, and status control.
I move the status to the bottom, and resize the tables, all looks nice.
I then save and recall the form in Form designer, and the status bar moves up and table resizes, so cant get things to stay put.

Any ideas please.
Quite an old form (15 years perhaps), thinking maybe I need to do something with it.


  • Are any of your OLE controls set with the Border checkbox ticked?
  • Just checked, none have border set.
  • Then I'm not quite sure why the controls would change position. I assume you have the proper anchor and resize boxes ticked as well.

    If you suspect the age of the form is at fault then the simplest way to disprove this is to create a new form and add the same controls and see if it repeats itself.
  • Done that, all works OK, so it must be something in the form.
    I will have to recreate.
  • You might be able to resolve this if you run the SRP Form Fixer.
  • Just tried that, still the same.
    I will deal with by starting the form from scratch and copying everything in.
    Thanks anyway.
  • New form all works OK
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