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Ideas required on implementation best practice.

I have developed a desktop OI system (that does require internet access - to http to government dept).

I am looking at charging a monthly licence fee.

Instead of emailing a renewal code each month when it is paid, are there any ideas out there about how I might set something up in OI to auto check, each month, something on the web somewhere somehow that would flag that the license is still current.(maybe)

Any ideas on the implementation best practice.


  • I would require help on HOW to implement it.
  • Are you using the HTTP Framework (or do you at least have it installed) for this system?
  • @DonBakke The latest HTTP Framework is installed
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    you could have your own web service running somewhere (amazon web services?) which your OI program intermittently calls. The webservice could check if the client is still valid, and if not, tell the client to pay, or something...
  • @BarryStevens josh basically suggested an idea that I was going for. This is why I wanted to know if you had access to the SRP HTTP Framework. You don't need it per se, but it makes everything easier.

    We do what you are wanting to do. In addition to license checking we also check the software version and send the OI client an RDK to load if needed. This isn't something we advertise openly, but we also provide this as a service to a few of our clients. I assume you have your own web server you can use but if you want to consider having us host this solution then send me a direct email.
  • @DonBakke - Awesome - will contact you soon for more details.
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