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& symbol in OI 9.4 Static Text Control

Hi, is there a way to make OI correctly display the & character in a static text control?


  • oh cool i will try that

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    Thanks, it works.

    Also, do you happen to know if it's possible to use your cursor to select the text of a static text control: e.g.,

  • Static controls do not support text selection. You can fake it using edit box controls with no borders and matching the background to the form.
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    ok that's a good idea. I am guessing there is an @window property that holds the background colour of the form.
  • cool, i will try that. Basically, i need to create a 'product page' in OI, and it should look like a typical product page on the web.

  • I have to ask, what is the purpose of an OI form looking like the web form? How close do you need it to look and how are you intending to achieve this?
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    It doesn't have to match 100%, but as close as possible would be good.
    We are remaking the call centre system in OI. One of the requirements is that a call centre worker be able to find a product, select the appropriate colour and size, and add it to the customer's shopping cart. Since most users "get" how to do this on the web, we want to make it look and work like a web page.

    So we will probably use your picture control, then have the product name next to the picture, brief product details below the name, and then buttons to add to cart below the brief details. I want the call centre workers to be able to select the product name/details with their mouse, as they often need to copy and paste things.
  • @DonBakke

    Do you disagree with this approach?
  • @josh no...or I should say I don't have enough information to make an informed opinion. You simply piqued my curiosity.

    You might consider using the SRP EditTable control to view your pictures and add labels. This could make it a bit easier to layout an arbitrary number of images.
  • yes, we need to display all of the colour options for a product, what I have in mind is an edit table with two columns, the first containing the colour options and the second the size options. When you click on a particular colour, the second column is dynamically updated to display only the sizes available in that colour. And perhaps a 3rd column which display stock values....
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