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About SRP Picture control


I have 2 questions regarding to the picture control:

1. For displaying large images it takes time to draw the thumbnail every time. Is there a way to create and then SAVE thumbnail for next time use by using SRP picture control?

2. The Zoom property works great, can we do something like ROTATE, as well?

Thanks, Ariel :-)


  • Ariel,

    1. These must be large images indeed. The answer is, no, there is not way to create a thumbnail image that you can reuse again.

    2. Rotate is not an existing feature in the SRP Picture control but it might be something we can add in. If this looks like something we can do we'll try to post a response in this thread. Otherwise, it will be announced through our regular channels.
  • Hi Don

    Thanks for your quick reply, I will look forward to your response.

    Could Save a thumbnail easily be implemented as it can be drawn already?

    Many thanks, Ariel
  • Ariel,

    I'll let my primary engineer for the SRP Picture control reply. I simply don't know myself.
  • Regarding the rotate feature, would this simply be 90/180/270 degree rotations or do you need it more granular? The former is a lot simpler to implement, so the latter will take more time.

    As for thumbnails, I'll look into a save feature.
  • Hi Kevin,

    90/180/270 degree rotations will do.

    Millions thanks,
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