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Barcode on Form

Is it possible to show a barcode on a form?
I know there is a FONT property on the text control, but I cannot get it to work.

It works with the msg-function:

font = ''
font<1,1,1> = "Free 3 of 9"
font<1,1,2> = 64
s = "Test"
s<18> = font
call msg('', s)

You get this:


  • If your application has access to the web, I found this solution to work well. I use a free web resource api. I use the SRP Picture Control, but I'm sure it could work with the standard OI Bitmap control.

    Declare function URLDownloadToFile Url = "http://barcodes4.me/barcode/i2of5/1234567.jpg" FilePath = "AHK\aTestBarCode.jpg" Response = URLDownloadToFile("", Url, FilePath, 0, "") Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_PICTURE", "OLE.Image", Filepath)

    Here's a link to the barcode api documentation:
  • I just realized that the URLDownloadToFile function was a function that I extracted from the URLMON.DLL from the windows library. Sorry if I caused any confusion....

    If you would like some info on how make that function available, I'm happy to share. The steps I followed are at this link:
  • It should work for you in the Form Designer. I just tried it myself:

  • Thanks for your suggestions. I need this to quickly generate a barcode for testing purposes, therefore it is enough to have a text-control with the right font, as Don is suggesting. Thanks!
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