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Edit Table with hidden rows

I have a table with filters to hide rows.
Clicking in the area below the table rows causes the table to scroll oddly.


  • I assume you are using the DataRow property to hide the row? Where exactly are you clicking when you notice the table scrolling oddly. You said "the area below" but I am not sure what that means. Are you referring to scrollbar?
  • If I click in the blank area below the table, it scrolls up one line per click, then displays all lines, and repeats.

  • I see. So it scrolls when it shouldn't scroll at all and then behaves in ways that is unexpected.
  • Indeed
    I disabled my code which had the event OnClick, just in case it was doing something, but still has the same behaviour.
  • We'll look into this as best we can. It might very well be unique to your setup so if you want to send us some code to duplicate your situation that might help expedite a resolution. Also, please confirm the version of the SRPControls.ocx file.
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