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Ribbon Backpage

When the main page has controls that are disabled, these sometimes show through on the back page.
Seems to be inconsistent, but more frequent when the form regains focus from another form.

Initially I had one control disabled, so tested by making a second control also disabled, and both now show, so proves it is related to the Enabled property.


  • edited December 2019
    I've been trying to recreate this, but I'm not having success. What is underneath the Backstage? Is it an MDI window or just a regular window? How are you disabling the controls? Normally or with the Hard flag? You said it is more frequent when the form regains focus. In our tests, how are you shifting focus? Mouse? Keyboard?

    My tests are on OI 9.4.4 with the latest version of SRP Controls (4.1.4).
  • I am using OI9.4.0 (will update to 9.4.4), and SRP
    The control in question is a dropdown listbox.
    The main window is a regular window.
    The controls are disabled via the form properties, but enabled/disabled as well in code based on circumstances.
    Shifting focus is by going to another form, or outside the application, and then going back to the form.
    Hope that helps.

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