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I have applied Cell Prompts to many cells/columns.
When I populate the table I re-sort it, but the cell prompts remain with the original positions, not following the new sort order.
Same when double-clicking the column header to sort by that column.

Is there a way to get this to follow the new positions?


  • The problem is that the rows don't move when you sort because the "rows" aren't being sorted. Rather, you are simply re-loading the table with data you've sorted outside of the control. I'm afraid your only solution is to follow up your sort with an algorithm that re-populates the prompts.
  • Thanks Kevin, I somewhat expected this.
    There are 1000s of cells, as a result of the requirement I am implementing, but this will work well enough if I re-apply the prompt. This feature is so good for what I am trying to achieve that it is worth the effort.
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