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engineserver commands stop working

Not sure exactly where the problem is with this one so here's the symptoms and hopefully someone will know which way to go.
We have the engineserver running four engines. Throughout the day we send commands to the engineserver that result in emails being sent out to various people with myself cc'd for debugging/monitoring purposes.
Works great....... for a while. By "a while" I mean about a week or two and then I notice I'm not receiving the emails anymore.
When I'm not receiving them, no-ones receiving them.

If I log onto the server and look at the engines I can see the engines are still receiving the messages so the engineserver seems to still be doing its job however, the remedy to date is just to stop the engineserver, restart it and all goes back to normal.

Any thoughts as to why the engines would stop processing the commands they're receiving?


  • Are you doing anything else in the routines that send out the emails that corroborates that nothing is happening? For instance, you might want to update these routines to log activity. You might find that it is only the email process that is failing and this will point you into a different direction.

    You might also want to enable logging to see if it reveals anything.
  • The emailing process is generic and writes a log to a text file. There are no logs for the periods the emails aren't being received.
  • Then I suggest enabling the Engine Server logs to get more insight as to what is happening.
  • Thanks Don.

    I have done this. Now it's just a waiting game till it stops working again.
    I'll update you if I get anything of value.
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