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Incorrect cursor position


I've come across a problem in SRP Editor v2.5.6 with SRPEditor.ocx 3.0.2 (and 3.0.3 RC1). When editing long multi-valued fields in a Record (using 'Record' Edit Mode) in the collapsed view (so the Value Marks are showing and the field extends beyond the width of the SRP Editor window), the displayed cursor position can be offset by one character to the actual cursor position.

This video might explain it better.

Hope there's a fix for this.
Cheers, M@


  • Matt,

    Wow. I'm impressed you found that. Thanks for the simple example. I've recreated it on my end will tackle this immediately.
  • Good stuff - thanks Kevin. Hope it's a simple fix. ;-)
    Cheers, M@
  • Just to finalise the thread, confirming that this has been fixed in the latest version of SRP Editor (v 2.6, SRPEditor.ocx 3.0.5)

    Thanks!, M@
  • Your confirmation is greatly appreciated!
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