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How to select the text of a hyperlink cell

edited February 2020 in SRP EditTable Control

As you can see in the screenshot, I have a column containing cells of type HYPERLINK. When I try to select the text within these cell with my mouse, I can't. All I can do is click on the cell. So, is it possible for a hyperlink cell to be "clickable" as well as selectable?


  • The default behavior doesn't allow this because you end up with two functions mapped to the same action. If you really need this feature, then you can do it manually. Essentially, choose an action like double-click or right-click. On the event, change the type back to Text and called EditCell. During the AfterUpdate event, you can set the type back to Hyperlink.
  • I see, i guess I was hoping that it would be possible for the hyperlink to only apply when the mouse were over the text rather than the cell.

    I will try your solution. If that doesn't work, i will make a right click context menu over the cell give you the option of copying the contents of the cell.
  • edited February 2020
    Hi, it actually is possible out of the box:


    I changed "something" and I am now able to select the text by clicking in the ell (but not the text).

    So yes, it's perfect.

  • Perhaps the CellProtection or CellEditMode properties? Funny I didn't think to mess with those. This control has grown so much over the years that I forget the interactions that I, myself, have programmed. Go figure.
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