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Using the "CREATE" service in the Utility function

In efforts to use SRP Edit Tables easily in my forms, I have created a subroutine that takes a native OI edit table and gathers information from it to make a SRP edit table to replace it. I use a template of data to create a Struct variable to pass into the Utility("CREATE", Struct) function. I update all parts of the struct that are needed to make a new OLE control as a SRP edit table the same size and position of the native OI edit table.

This works great except for one problem. When the application runs on a smaller screen, such as a small notebook, something about the size of the control is not translated correctly and it makes the control cover most of the form instead of matching the size of the OI edit table. I did some debugging and found that the ORIG_STRUCT variable gets a little wonky when a control runs out of screen space on smaller displays. I tried to compensate by using the SIZE property, but the same problem happens.

Is there a better way to accomplish creating an OLE control and have it be the correct size even if it's on a smaller screen?


  • I suspect this problem isn't limited to OLE controls. For experimental purposes, have you tried your technique on a native OI control to see if the size issue is still present? I think this will help direct our attention to a proper solution.
  • I believe also that it is not limited to OLE controls, but I haven't tested it by creating a native OI control yet. I will see if I can duplicate the problem and report back my findings.
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