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SRP_Get_Idletime and Windows XP

Installed SRP Utilities version 2.1 recently. SRP_Get_Idletime had been working fine on the Windows 7, and 10 desktops until this time. However (yes, I know) on the two remaining robots (unattended) desktops using Windows XP they throw the error ENG0805: ... line 18. Function SRPGetIdleTime does not exist in the dynamic link library SRPTILITIES. All of the desktops use the same server folder for OpenInsight. SRPUTILITIES.DLL 1,258,224 bytes. Details .


  • SRP Utilities does not support XP. Supporting XP prevents us from accessing more modern OS features.
  • Figured, but had to report. I'll fix it by setting something in the desktop about the OS. Thanks for all you do for the community.
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