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I have an existing functional Combo Dropdown that I need to enhance. I want to trap whatever the event is when scrolling through the list so I can trigger some associated behavior (refresh a related data pane). I am struggling to find what that event might be. I currently have the click working fine.

Case Control EQ "OLE_SUBCLASS" Begin Case Case Event _eqc "OnComboClick" ; GoSub OnComboClick.OLE_SUBCLASS Case Event _eqc "OnOptionClick" ; GoSub OnOptionClick.OLE_SUBCLASS End Case OnOptionClick.OLE_SUBCLASS: Send_Event(Param1, "OPTIONS") Return OnComboClick.OLE_SUBCLASS: Send_Event(@WINDOW:".NARROW_LIST", "CLICK") Return

I wont tell you all the silly things I tried! I thought it best to step back and ask the opinion of the expert community....


  • There is no event that will fire just for scrolling up and down the combo list.
  • Fair enough. That explains that!

    Is it then even possible to get the requested action using an alternate method?
  • Maybe I need some clarity. Are you interested in when the user simply scrolls through the list or are you really interested when an item on the list appears in the editline control?
  • That is a VERY good question Don!

    To us they are sort of the same thing. As we scroll we are the EDL is being changed. I thought this was a function of the SRP Control. Admittedly I didnt invesigate that any further.

    Now that I say it out loud, are you possibly suggesting that instead of tring to trap the scroll, identify the change in the actual EDL?

    That seems a bit too much like common sense...

  • Now that I say it out loud, are you possibly suggesting that instead of tring to trap the scroll, identify the change in the actual EDL?

    Yes indeed. It didn't make sense to me that you were refreshing a data pane simply because of scrolling. I figured it had to be related to the content displayed in the editline control.

    Normally when content in the editline control is changed this will trigger the CHANGED event. I am not sure if that happens when the SRP Subclass control populates the editline for you. Give it try and let us know?
  • From memory, I think the changed event only gets triggered if you click on an item but not if you scroll through.
    I've implemented lostfocus events on subclassed editlines (out of habit now) but I think that was the reason - the changed was not a reliable trigger.
  • Thanks Don and AusMarkB. I will try CHANGED and let you know but will have the LOSTFOCUS in the bag as the alternative :)
  • The changed event did not work, as Mark indicated. However, unless I am missing something, neither did lostfocus. I trapped any event on my EDL and Lostfocus only fired when I actualy clicked or entered on a line.

    I will continue investigating.

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