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API / Open Insight

I am using OI 9.4.
I have a client that is evaluating a 3rd party system that has a browser user interface and a SQL database. This company has developed several API's to place information into the database and also retrieve information. These are Web based API's. I would say they were written to be used by programming languages like C#.
Does any one know if OI can make API calls? I looked in the Revelation forum and could not find anything. Any information on this subject would be appreciated.



  • Jeff - The out of the box solution for making web API calls is the OLE_GetWebPage function. Our SRP HTTP Framework comes with its own solution that has additional features, but chances are this will get the job done for you.
  • Thanks for the information. Do I need to purchase the HTTP Framework to get OLE_GetWebPage? (which I think is the case) Or is there another option I can follow to purchase the OLE_GetWebPage. Also is there an evaluation program that I can purchase to verify that this will work.
  • My apologies if I was unclear. OLE_GetWebPage comes with OpenInsight. No additional purchase is needed. In all likelihood It will do the job for you. I was simply pointing out that we have an alternative routine that comes with the SRP HTTP Framework that offers a few more features, but I doubt you'll need those.
  • Don, Thank you for the information. I appreciate you helping me with this. I will post some more if I need additional assistance.

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