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Forms Designer

Can anyone give me a tip on how to expand the Controls box (Full Toolbar) in Forms Designer to not cut off the corodinates at the bottom?

I thought it might be a resolution/magnification issue as it seems to affect every instance I connect to (even RDP) but all my efforts failed. I have seen it look fine on other Computers so I know it is possible!!

I have been putting up with it for months. It seems simple but it is driving me mad! Since I cant just drag to expand the size it must be a simple setting somewhere I can alter (a number in a file somewhere perhaps) but it has me beat...


  • Sadly, there is no solution to this other than running OI in Windows 7.
  • Don,

    Wow you are quick! Burning the midnight oil (almost literally!)?

    Ok. Not what I had hoped but I will put it to rest. Good to know I am not the only one then...
    That could be it's own support group!!
  • Here's something I got from the old Rev forum:
    Subroutine FD_controls( params) /* Adjust the size of the Controls Panel in Form Designer so that the dimensions information visible on Windows 8+ Pass a parameter to reduce the Controls Panel height for an un-bound form. From the Rev forum: Subject: windows 8 & form builder graphics URL: http://www.revelation.com/o4wtrs/oecgi3.exe/O4W_HANDOFF?DESTN=O4W_RUN_FORM&INQID=WORKS_READ&KEY=03B7D18910A3DE7E7BDDBCC76 */ declare function FindWindow, MoveWindow $insert logical winText = "Controls" : \00\ winClass = "TbxWindowClass" : \00\ height = if params then 244 else 336 hwnd = FindWindow( winClass, getPointer( winText ) ) if ( hwnd ) then *call MoveWindow( hwnd, 800, 100, 105, 244, TRUE$ ) call MoveWindow( hwnd, 800, 100, 105, height, TRUE$ ) end Return ''
    I just run this program in System Monitor whenever I need to see that size information in the Controls panel. It's not a permanent fix, but does the trick when required.

    HTH, M@
  • @M@ - I am genuinely surprised I never came across that post. This issue has been posted so many times without any fix (or work around) from Revelation. Obviously the original thread is now lost (I looked), but do you know who posted that code?

    FYI, the MoveWindow API doesn't appear to exist as MoveWindow in 9.4.4 but it does exists as winApi_MoveWindow.

    @Opto_Will - M@'s helpful post reminded me that we already have this code nicely wrapped up in a service that you have access to. You can get the exactly same behavior by entering this in the System Monitor:

    RUN WINDOWS_SERVICES 'SetSize', '', 'TbxWindowClass', '', 800, 100, 105, 336
  • Firstly, Thank you very much Matt for the tip!!!
    I was slower in reaching where Don is and was just realising MoveWindow wasnt in my 9.4.4 install.

    Don, that worked a treat!

    Now I will sit back and grin and enjoy the slowly spreading sense of satisfaction of a problem overcome.....

    Gentlemen, thank you both for helping restore my sanity just that little bit :)
  • What he said
  • Hmm, I can't recall - it may have come from Carl, if not Jared.
    I may have had to prototype MoveWindow myself at the time. I think the winAPI stubs came later.
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