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Control resize issue

Strange issue just noticed.
SRP Report table control resizes incorrectly when resizing the form.
Resizing the form bigger or smaller causes the control to reduce in size regardless.
It is set to Autosize width and height, and is default top/left anchored.

It only happens on OI 9 , it is OK on OI 8

It happens in the Form designer as well, so it is not code related.
Screen shot is from the Form Designer.

Other SRP controls seem OK.

Any ideas.



  • Colin,

    Does the ole control have an OI border?
    That is, is the border property checked in the form designer?
  • Indeed it does, turning off resolves.
    I do now recall you mentioned this before ages ago, I forgot.
  • Easy to forget. It was ages, ages, ages ago.
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