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Precompiler bug

edited October 2016 in SRP Editor Control
I am loving the SRP_PreCompiler - thanks for sharing all your hard work to make my life easier!

I noticed a bug in the SRP_Precompiler that affects the GoToEvent code. The actual code that is output from the PreCompiler defines the SRP_Precompiler_EventList@ common variable with the GoSub labels for each event. When there is over a certain number of these events in the program, it will attempt to define the common variable with multiple lines of code. In doing so, a comma gets omitted, causing the branching to not work for two of the events. I showed a snippet of what I am seeing in the #pragma output file below.



  • I'm glad you are liking it. We discovered this bug as well and it has been fixed for the next release, along with several other precompiler fixes and improvements. We are aiming to release the next version this Sunday evening.
  • Great! Thanks!
  • Oh, and Thank You for doing so much due diligence by investigating the source of the issue using #precomp output. If I hadn't known about this bug, this information would have led me to fix it within minutes rather than hunting for the problem. You, good sir, are a paragon of how to fully investigate an issue.
  • Hi Kevin,
    Is that next version with the bug fixes available now?
  • I know I said Sunday, but I over extended myself by trying to squeeze in one more feature before release. I'm working on wrapping everything up today. We will post a blog article when it's finally out in the wild, so you can check it to know for sure when it's available. My apologies for the delay.
  • No worries! I'm sure the additional features will be worth the wait! :)
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