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Disable Autofill of "End"

This is probably simple hopefully. Is there a way to disable the SRP Editor from Autocomplete "End" when you enter "If", "Locate", etc.

Sometimes I find myself at the end of an "IF" statement. When I hit "Enter", the editor will auto insert "END". I don't see this. Then when I compile I get an error message and wonder "What the heck happened?"



  • Do you mean just the "end" for If or Autocomplete itself.
    To disable Autocomplete go to options under the General tab.
  • Hi Barry,
    Autocomplete is set to "Disabled". That's why I posed the questions.

    Is there another setting somewhere else? Thank.
  • In the Options dialog (first tab), uncheck Smart Indent.
  • Thanks Kevin. Really enjoy using the SRP Editor. Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a Great New Year!
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