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(BUG!) Using SRP Panel Control with with SRP Tab Control

edited May 2018 in SRP Panel Control

I have an OI form with two panels in it.

The first panel contains a form, added using the SetForm method. The second panel also contains a form, but as you can see, the form isn't displaying correctly. I think it has to do with the fact that the form has tabs (SRP Tab Control). The form displaying incorrectly seems to be displaying whatever happens to be behind the form containing the two panels -- in the case of the screenshot above, SRP Editor was open behind the form containing the two panels.

Could you please look into this and fix.



  • Hi,

    I found the cause. This problem is caused by the FlickerFree property of the tab control being true. I set it to false, and it works.

    You should try to fix this, because we might need FlickerFree to be true for other reasons.
  • I'll see what I can do, but I should let you know that the Panel control might seem simple functionally, but OI forms do not like to be child controls, so there is actually a lot of effort under the hood being done to make them play nicely.
  • Hi don't worry about fixing this for us. We are not using it anymore.
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