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Exclude Arev32 Entities in Open Stored Procedure

OI9.4 I have a few hybrid systems with Arev32 and OpenInsight working in tandem. One is 26 years old. So, I have a lot of Arev32 "source programs" and I only view and change them using the Arev32 EDIT. I don't want to have them show in the SRP Editor Open Stored Procedure dialog box! Since why all show up it is difficult to focus to just the OI stored procedures.


  • Where are these ARev32 source programs located?
    all show with a :
  • I think I understand what is happening. However, to confirm can you please let me know if you see the same items appear in the System Editor ++ within its Open Stored Procedure Dialog?
  • Note that in Environment Settings I have the "Save Precompiled Source" checked.
    Both the SRP and System Editor ++ show the Arev32 source tables BPFIX:, SOURCE:, and UTIL: during the Open dialog.
  • Thanks for confirming. I have seen this myself in ARev32 systems that I support, but I wanted to make sure you were experiencing the same issue.

    So, the real problem is that the Repository is creating STPROC records for these routines and this affects any code that queries for stored procedures (i.e., Get_Repos_Entities). Now the question is, what should we do about it?

    Whatever might be considered, this would be an enhancement rather than a bug fix. It would be relatively easy to add code to go through the entity list and exclude items that have a specific format (i.e., a ":" in the entity name). My worry is whether this might slow things down if there are hundreds, if not thousands, of precompiled entities. What are your thoughts?
  • Regarding entities containing a colon ":". There are hundreds of precompiled entities to consider. I notice that some look like duplicates, at least in the name displayed. This makes navigating to the needed entity requires page and page down in the dialog box.

    I suppose I could just perform a massive repository delete of ":" items. The only reason I care about precompiled rows is that in Arev32 a debug on line NNN is referencing the precompiled line, not the Arev32 source line.
  • Let me know if you want to see this has a potential feature. I think it has merit, but it might not have priority. Some of this depends on how much effort is required to create the desire outcome.
  • I like it that the saved Arev32 precompiled version is available when I need it. I never change that, just use the line number references to find the location in the Arev32 rbasic source. Perhaps if a temporary precompiled version could be made inside the SRP Editor somehow I could clean out those precompiled versions?
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