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Editor Options

Where on the disk are the Options stored (e.g. Tab Width, Style, Auto Text, etc.) ?

I want to transport them from computer to computer, If possible.

Thank You.

User: Armando J. Moreno


  • The options are stored in the registry. Someday we plan to move it out of there to make it easier to transport, but for now, here's how to do it.

    1. Go to the Start menu and click Run. (Or, use the Win+R shortcut). Type 'regedit' and press Enter.
    2. Drill down to the following node in the tree: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SRP\SRPEditor.
    3. Right click SRP Editor and choose Export. This will create a .REG file.
    4. On the new machine, double-click the same .REG file to import all those settings into the registry.

    That should transport all your settings. If you have any further questions, please reply to this forum and I will follow up as soon as possible.
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