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DoClick Method crashes the system and trouble with Send Event

I have tried to use the method "DoClick" for the SRP Button control, but it crashes my system. I used the Send_Message function to call the method as shown below:
rv = Send_Message(@Window: ".OLE_BUTTON", "DoClick", "0,0", "Left", 0, 0)
This line of code crashes the system every time. I tried using "OLE.DoClick" also with the same result.

I decided to try to use the Send_Event function instead to the OnClick Event, and I am not having any luck there either. I used the following code:
rv = Send_Event(@Window: "OLE_BUTTON", "OnClick", "0,0", "Left", 0, 0)
This doesn't crash the system, so in that regard it is an improvement, but there is no response as expected. I also tried the "OLE.OnClick" in the statement with no change in results.

I tried to see if I could get any of the OLE controls that I have from SRP to respond to Send_Event, but had no luck. The Send_Event function DID work fine for all OI controls that I tested.

Just in case you are wondering... I have put in the CREATE event of the Window the following statement to have the system "listening" for the OLE events:
rv = Send_Message(@Window: ".OLE_BUTTON", "QUALIFY_EVENT", "ALL_OLES", 1)
Is there something that I am missing here?


  • You can use Send_Event, but you have to keep in mind that all events that come from OLE controls fire the "OLE" event with parameter 1 set to the event. SRP FrameWorks hides this fact, so it's easy to forget this little detail. Try this:
    rv = Send_Event(@Window: "OLE_BUTTON", "OLE", "OnClick", "0,0", "Left", 0, 0)
  • That did the trick!

    Thank you Kevin.
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