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Edittable cellType Option - onOptionClick not firing

I'm working in OI10 and the 64 bit version of SRP controls and I ran into a problem I am trying to solve. I have a setup SRP edittable where all of the cells are set to read only. When the user clicks a checkbox on the screen, I update some of the cells to be option types.
for example, for almost every row in a column I would do the following calls in a loop:
Call Set_Property(OLECtrlEntID, "OLE.CellType[":Col:";":I:"]", "Option")
Call Set_Property(OLECtrlEntID, "OLE.CellProtection[":Col:";":I:"]", "None")
Call Set_Property(OLECtrlEntID, "OLE.CellConv[":Col:";":I:"]", "":@FM:@FM:@FM:@FM:@FM:1)

The cell becomes editable and I can manually modify the value and it verifies, but the option event doesn't seem to work.
I do some qualifies before the user can switch and I can intercept the rest with calls as follows:
Call Send_Message(OLECtrlEntID, "QUALIFY_EVENT", "OLE.OnClick", 1)

* multiselect events
Call Send_Message(OLECtrlEntID, "QUALIFY_EVENT", "OLE.PosChanging", 1)
Call Send_Message(OLECtrlEntID, "QUALIFY_EVENT", "OLE.OnCheckChanged", 1)
Call Send_Message(OLECtrlEntID, "QUALIFY_EVENT", "OLE.OnMouseMove", 1)
Call Set_Property(OLECtrlEntID, "OLE.SuppressMouseMoveEvent", 1)

* planning mode events
Call Send_Message(OLECtrlEntID, "QUALIFY_EVENT", 'OnOptionClick', 1)
Call Send_Message(OLECtrlEntID, "QUALIFY_EVENT", 'BeforeUpdate', synch_event)
Call Send_Message(OLECtrlEntID, "QUALIFY_EVENT", 'AfterUpdate', 1)

Am I possibly missing a step that makes the OnOptionClick fire when I try and click the option button? Perhaps a new step that is needed in 64 bit that we weren't using in 32 bit. I notice that when I click on the option the button doesn't seem to depress either, like I am not allowed to press the button. Don't know if that helps


  • I'm looking into this. We've discovered a similar issue in OI 9 with EditTable buttons. They aren't responding to left clicks but are responding to right clicks. I'll get back to you with a fix as soon as I can.
  • I want to let you know that I have not dropped the ball on this. My silence is an indication of the many days I've put into tracking this issue down, yet it is proving wildly elusive. There seems to some conflict between the table's use of the Win64 API and OIX's presentation server. I will continue to investigate, but be prepared for any fix to be a long ways out.
  • I appreciate the update! We'll move forward with what we're working on with this knowledge in the meantime. Thank you for looking into this.
  • Hi Kevin,

    we are still facing the same issue mentioned above, is there any updates about his?
  • Guys, I must extend my sincerest apologies for dropping the ball on this one. I hunkered down and found the issue. This is fixed as of version 4.1.13.
  • Hi Kevin,
    we updated to the latest version and yet we are still facing the same issue, is there any changes that need to be done? the OnOptionClick event still doesn't fire.
    Should we qualify the event after we add the option to the cell? does this matter?\

  • Prior to 4.1.13, when you clicked the button, it wouldn't depress. If you see it press and release, then you have the fix. However, you do need to qualify any OLE event in order to capture them.
  • We are running and when we click the button, it does not depress. We qualify the event before we set the cell to be an option cell. We were confirming that it was still ok to do that and that we don't have to now qualify the event after updating the cell.

    We confirmed we were using the version in question by using the get_property of the ole.version in the edittable to confirm we are using the proper version, but still no depress and thus no onoptionclick event firing.
  • All my testing was on stand-alone forms. I forgot to test MDI children. 4.1.14 fixes it.
  • Thanks Kevin! We updated and everything is working great this morning. I appreciate all your work on this and helping us out.
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