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Empty error SRPControls

Sometimes we get a repeating empty message when accessing a SRP Edittable.
Restart the form/OI solves this problem.
What is the cause of this error.
In case when this happens we use the edittable to fill it with different selections.
We use the property OLE.ARRAY to fill the edittable with data.
We don't CLEAR or REDRAW the control just fill it with another ARRAY.
What is the best practice in this case?

Regards Ed


  • Ed - This sounds very similar to the issue you reported a couple years ago. I don't see any follow-up from you on the advice that was offered then. Can you please confirm the version of the SRP EditTable that you are using?
  • Oops,
    At Van der Laan we are at version
    The error was reported from a customers site. version 3.2.0

    Thank Don
  • Ed - Just so I'm clear, this most recent error you are now reporting was with v3.2.0? Can I assume you'll upgrade the customer and see what happens?
  • Correct, the errors came from v3.2.0 . We have made plans to upgrade the machines at the customers site.
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