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  • How much work would it be to replace the OI table with an SRP one? The additional events are usually what motivate me to put in the effort. Sometimes, it's a complete replace and other times it's a combination of hiding the original OI table and pro…
  • Delimiters in the key is the problem. At least I think so. I'll know soon
    in Key List Comment by AusMarkB April 1
  • First up, I'll admit I haven't really digested the last few entries here. You guys look like you're having a lot of fun but I'm not desperate enough for a solution to jump in and start playing. I did however, just stumble over a more direct example …
  • Definitely not just you Mind you, after taking this screenshot, I just opened the screen on the right in form designer and resaved it and voila, it is now consistent with the desired scheme. So simple fix this time but a nuisance that it had to be…
  • I get the advantages. I just don't rely on it anymore. I modify the caption on the application manager and just check that with a scroll over the taskbar whenever I'm in doubt.
  • Not that it helps but I had a customer for whom I did something similar. As I was practically rewriting the app, mostly converting all logic from event scripts to subroutines, I created a complete new app for them to test with and changed the backgr…
  • so that's the same error you were getting in this forum post. Did you get to a resolution for that one?
  • See @DonBakke
    in SYSLISTS Comment by AusMarkB February 20
  • Not knowing how long it will take to organise installation of the VC++ Runtime, I just thought I'd offer up a little more available info while we wait. :) From personal experience and by looking at the app in front of me, I can see that those are th…
  • @DonBakke I'm not directly involved in this installation so I can't definitively answer your question but I can narrow it down to four controls. The four controls initially loaded are * Ribbonbar * Popup * Statusbar * Subclass
  • That's what my memory said but I don't have a copy of rdkmoduleinstall source to confirm or to modify. Don't really want to modify it anyway. What I did do, was create a separate function of the same name as my original with "_POST" concatenated an…
  • FWIW, at some bigger clients, we would keep an empty copy of the lk and ov files for syslists on hand. Whenever syslists became large enough to hinder performance, (and it inevitably would regardless of our attempts to clean it out on the fly), we'd…
  • Time in datetime is a decimal not a time(). Check out https://wiki.srpcs.com/display/SRPUtilities/SRP_DateTime
  • Oh, I get that it's a deployment problem and I'm not throwing any shade on the F6. In fact, the primary reason I use it is for this purpose; to add routines from the parent app because I've changed them whilst testing in the child app. I'll admit, …
  • @DonBakke, that makes sense. Means I for one, need to be more cautious when using the F6 option. Sometimes I deploy out of a child app just because it's the one I'm currently logged into. In theory, that means that I may unintentionally deploy a ch…
  • Obviously, I could test for myself but maybe you have the answer already Barry. What happens in either OI9 or 10 if you are in the child app DEALER and you use the F6 to add a routine from the parent app PBC, but a version of that routine also exist…
  • Given that the labels on a radio button form part of the ctrlentid, for some properties at least, my gut feel is no
  • 😁 I was wondering how far around the world it went
  • @Opto_Will my assumption is that if there is no password set, then the password field is simply ignored. Ignore me if that's essentially what you're saying
  • So, @DonBakke, you're saying, the brackets operator is more efficient that straight string concatenation? ReturnString[CharPos, LenString] = Category : @FM is more efficient than returnString := category:@FM Note, I'm clarifying not debating.
  • Chris, You could try this: Version = SRP_Get_FileVersion("SRPEditor.ocx") I haven't tested, but it might work for what you need.
  • Hey Chris, Kev has provided an extensive response to the message box issue via email. I'll forward it to you. In short, though, all good news.
  • * Yes * Not there * Have to get their IT to check that. that said, I dragged their data back and am debugging on my local. ... which is pretty much my standard procedure so don't know why I didn't just go there first?
  • :D all good Kev. I know the feeling. I often have big plans too and then get completely ignored. :)
  • Is it the copy that's failing or the attach? Wondering if the first time around, you're * copying from source to new. * Attaching new. Then, running a subsequent time. * copying from source to new with overwrite * attaching new - fail…
    in COPY_TABLE Comment by AusMarkB July 2023
  • Thanks for clarifying. I just happened to notice ours was not correct and then stumbled over this and wondered if we were unknowingly breaking something.
  • @KevinFournier, email sent