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  • You could convert this to a CHECKBMP control and use a custom bitmap to give yourself a very specific look and size.
  • Better question...how did it get there? It is clear you have source code from the debugger. I guess we must have supplied a copy of the source some time in the past for troubleshooting purposes and this has been recompiled in the OPTO application. I…
  • Can you check to see if you have more than one copy of $SRP_LIST in the SYSOBJ table? You should at least have the one in SYSPROG, but you might have another in a local app like $SRP_LIST*OPTO or similar.
  • Are you using SRP_List in your code? If so, can you post a snippet so we can test it here? If you aren't using SRP_List, please send me a screenshot of the Call Stack so I can see what might be calling it indirectly.
  • My first guess is that the DLL didn't get updated.
  • @Opto_Will - is there a bug in the new release or is there a backwards compatibility issue?
  • No, you are correct. They would need a way to decode it. However, decoding libraries are pretty standard. When you say you are "zipping and uploading them to a Blob", is the "uploading" part being handled by the Web API? I'm tempted to say that FTP…
  • I was going to ask if Base64 was acceptable for your project. We've always been successful using that.
  • I think getByteSize() should work fine. However, Content-Length is not a requirement for the full payload to be received. It is meta-data that may or may not be used by the server to truncate the body after it is received. I'm inclined to think that…
  • So the PNG file worked but the ZIP file didn't via SendHTTPRequest?
  • I suggest using a tool like Postman to send the .zip file to rule out any problems with HTTPClient_Services.
  • @KevinFournier - Thanks for the reminder. I was confusing this installer with the product installers that install an RDK.
  • I think this should work, but I honestly can't say I've done this. Did their web service provide specific instructions on how the request should be configured?
  • @BarryStevens - Does this mean you were unable to test the OI 9 installation on the client's machine? Also, are you saying that when you installed on your own PC, that it actually copied over and registered SRPControls.ocx and SRPControls64.ocx?
  • So it will only try to register the 32bit one? If you are using our new universal installer, then yes. It is smart enough to know which version of OI you are installing this into. I want to determine if this problem is limited to SRPControls64.oc…
  • A few questions/suggestions: * When you get that message, can you confirm if the SRPControls64.ocx file is in the folder that is indicated in the message? * If you have access to the file, try manually registering it to see if that works. Also,…
  • @BarryStevens - Thanks for sending us the code that is causing the crash. We'll look into this on our end. Regarding the screenshot, I'm not seeing anything that needs to be resolved. Perhaps you are wondering why there are three instances of "SRP S…
  • @BarryStevens - Fair point. However, in case you have other copies of OI with an older version of the SRP Editor you might want to keep SRPUtil.ocx installed and registered.
  • I believe the answer to your problem is given in the other thread that you are involved with, but for the sake of completion and for any others who stumble upon this thread I'll give a response. What we provided you was a runtime deployment (aka RDK…
    in v2.1.4 Comment by DonBakke July 4
  • @josh - It's already defined in OI so you can call it as if it was a regular function.
  • @josh - Normally you would use the FindWindow API to get the handle. @prattspets - You should have a copy of the Windows_Services module from your FrameWorks system. There is a service called GetHandle that you can use. You can pass in the caption …
  • Yep, you are right. I thought we had discovered a situation where passing in credentials via REVCAPI was case-sensitive and produced an unusual error. However, I tested the installer using mixed case passwords and it installed fine each time. If I …
    in v2.1.4 Comment by DonBakke June 18
  • Nothing should have changed. Does your SYSPROG application have a password? If so, make sure you type the the password with the correct case. I think this can cause the error you are seeing.
    in v2.1.4 Comment by DonBakke June 18
  • @BarryStevens - Normally we would recommend people download from our products site (as Kevin linked you to), but in James' situation, he did that but the DLL wasn't installing and he didn't have a way to pull the DLL out of the installer. Thus, I ju…
  • I all likelihood it went nowhere. I'm still of the opinion that the RDK failed to copy in the DLL file due to file system reasons. I can't explain why, especially given that you deleted the older file. Sometimes a reboot of the server is necessary t…
  • @jamanga - Your code helped us to find some overzealous parsing on our end that caused the pragma line to be added to your code unexpectedly. We tightened this up. You can download the latest SRPUtil.ocx from this link and confirm for yourself. Of …
  • I agree, the newer SRPUtilities.dll probably didn't get copied in, which is a common problem when the SRP Utilities is already in use. We rely upon the RDK itself to copy the file in. This means our installer is unaware of any problems. If you've ve…
  • @josh - Barry is correct. Changing the justification of a column does not rebuild the index. However, it can change the way the index is queried. Can you confirm that your queries are accurate based on the change in justification?
  • Shhhh!!!! Now he knows!
  • Ah, yes. That's why F12 isn't visible...because we already have a menu for this feature. I totally forgot about Ctrl+Shift+G. I also forget why we have two shortcuts for the same feature.