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  • The reasoning is most likely related to versioning or the possibility of it being replaced down the line.
  • It should be CalendarList. Kevin can help you further on this topic.
  • This is beyond my pay grade. I see the references to COM, but I don't see where this is exposed as an ActiveX control that you can easily access via the OI OLE control.
  • Ed - You'll want to use SRP.Calendar.1 (SRPControls.ocx). The other two are a part of our legacy and new SRP Editor libraries, which are not suitable for production use.
  • Thank you. I would have expected this in the Programmer's Reference Guide but your screenshot helped me to locate it in the general help section. The article certainly suggests you can use RTF as an ActiveX control, but I encountered difficulties g…
  • I can't find anything in the RTI 9.4 help that references "Implementing Rich Text Edit Functionality". Is this in the Programmer's Reference Guide or another help file? Perhaps if you copied it entirely here it would help.
  • I am not sure MSFTEdit.dll can be loaded into an OLE control this way. You mentioned "MS documentation". Can you share the link for this?
  • I'm not sure unless you are running an older copy of the SRP ActiveX Info program. It should be v2.0. If you have an older one, try downloading 2.0 from here.
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  • Thanks for the confirmation. Kevin had already figured it out (obviously). I moved the thread to the SRP Subclass control category from the SRP Utilities category so this will be relevant to anybody else who might experience the same issue. Glad to…
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  • Yes and No. The purpose of the Control_On routine is to add (or remove) PROTECT.MFS to the table so the transaction processing can work. If you intend transaction processing to be permanent for a table, then run Control_On once for your table and th…
  • As I noted, there are multiple ways of doing this. Both @AusMarkB and my code rely on relatively new features introduced in v2.1.1. My code only saves one line of code by populating the array at the same time it is created.
  • Is this a problem with the SRP Ribbon control?
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  • Your 3rd Party is expecting your comma delimited array to be formatted as a JSON array (which make sense). The SETVALUE service only sets simple (i.e., single-value) data values. Thus, you are asking SRP_JSON to treat your entire string to be a simp…
  • Hmmm...I thought it behaved as you expected it to, but I see now that it doesn't. I think I normally use the Replace dialog, which does keep the window open as you would expect. Also, once I've found a string, I prefer to use F3/F4 to search forward…
  • I'm inclined to think there is something else going on. Even when the SIZE property values are off, values should still be returned. A null (or empty) value makes me wonder if there is a typo.
  • I concur with Frank. We learned a long time ago to favor control over automation. I guess you can call us "control freaks". Therefore, we typically rely upon POS and ADDTABLE for 95% of our OIPI data content and layout.
  • Are you confusing breakpoint with bookmark? If so, then you want Ctrl+F2.
  • I'm also wondering if this issue is relevant to the problem you are experiencing.
  • Does a regular Msg appear as well?
  • All things being equal, I am guessing an error condition is occurring prior to the Popup being called. Have you checked Status() or Get_Status() or at least attempted to clear all errors just before calling Popup?
  • I think this could be a few things. What is the content of the mvkeys variable or what delimiter are you using? If you pass in a single value, does the popup work?
  • Can you confirm that the OLE events are qualified to be asynchronous? I am not optimistic that this is relevant but it is best practice to do this unless your OLE event really needs to be synchronous.
  • I'll have our in-house OAuth SME respond with some 3rd party suggestions. As I recall, keeping these providers in sync with your local user data can easily be handled through an API call. You can hook into your user form (i.e., Write event) or tabl…
  • The SRP HTTP Framework is designed to support HTTP Basic Auth out of the box (as you noted), but there is no pre-built mechanism to support other types of authentication without some changes. Fortunately, the SRP HTTP Framework, especially the HTTP_…
  • @Opto_Will - I just resent to your business account and your Gmail account.
  • Your are correct. That engine would have already logged into the database and it doesn't reset that state when it goes idle.
  • @Opto_Will - I just sent you a link so you can download the RDK for v16.2.3.1. This is a cumulative update, so you can install it from your current 16.0.16 (or 16.0.21) system. With regard to the auth details, are you using lowercase admin/admin? T…
  • @Opto_Will - There is a newer release available. I need to do some internal consulting to determine what, if anything, is required to make the next leap. I'll get back to you ASAP on that issue along with answers to your other questions.
  • @paxton - I realize these are separate applications, but is there any relationship between the two? For instance, is one inherited from the other? Do they share a common parent (i.e., other than SYSPROG)? I'm wondering if it would make sense to have…
  • VSPrint7.ocx and VSPDF.ocx are the critical files. I doubt they are corrupted, especially if the problem is intermittent. Where are these files registered? If they are registered on the network drive you might try registering them to a local path in…