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  • Figured, but had to report. I'll fix it by setting something in the desktop about the OS. Thanks for all you do for the community.
  • I just LOVE using Relational Indexes over the Btree flavors, where appropriate. As an "old-timer" I wrote in Rev before Arev introduced the Btree and Cross-Reference secondary index types. The drawback to them is if you dare request a "Rebuild all i…
  • It isn't. I just don't have OI manage that list.
  • For the purpose as described I just use keys where there is a prefix, like the CUSTOMER_ID, and a suffix that is a sequence number. They are separated by the * as PART1 and PART2 as multipart keys do. The notes records are as long as need by for a t…
  • Is there a way to get a list of system labeled common in the graphical debugger? Or but inspecting the object code? That may have a clue how @PSEUDO is maintained in OI.
  • I like it that the saved Arev32 precompiled version is available when I need it. I never change that, just use the line number references to find the location in the Arev32 rbasic source. Perhaps if a temporary precompiled version could be made insi…
  • Regarding entities containing a colon ":". There are hundreds of precompiled entities to consider. I notice that some look like duplicates, at least in the name displayed. This makes navigating to the needed entity requires page and page down in the…
  • Note that in Environment Settings I have the "Save Precompiled Source" checked. Both the SRP and System Editor ++ show the Arev32 source tables BPFIX:, SOURCE:, and UTIL: during the Open dialog.
  • SOURCE UTIL BPFIX all show with a :
  • I'm "expanding" this thread. This year Don posted a blog entry about "Hooking in BASIC+". I need the means of determining the Table and Key as edited in the SRP Editor. This is to create backup and logs on programming activity. So, I created a hoo…
  • I tried again and the .dll is now dated 3/7/16. And now it works fine for me. btw, your docs mention 1.57 but the only download is 1.56
    in SRP_Path Comment by daveh June 2016
  • the date on mine is 2/17/2015. so, probably not the most recent. I used the .exe to update. How do I tell if it is locked? Thanks
    in SRP_Path Comment by daveh June 2016
  • Loaded version 1.56 to use SRP_PATH FitToEditline. Fails with "SRP_PATH, line 216 Function SRPPATHFITTOEditField does not exist in dynamic link library SRTUTILITIES". My call is foo = SRP_Path( "FitToEditline", file, @window:'.FN_LIST') btw, method …
    in SRP_Path Comment by daveh June 2016
  • That article has helped a lot. Now I'm off creating pages with a different bitmap on each page. Thanks
  • Ok, I saw the info box but don't have the Ole background to know what it represented. Now I know. I did see a sample I successfully used the TabCount and TabCaption on the form. I understand using Tab in O4W but am not familiar with Ole and OI. G…